Freddie has been spotted all over Kent making friends. 

Have you seen him yet??

(photos courtesy of melissa cherniske)

Join in the fun to FIND FREDDIE  

(the Naughty Gingerbread Man from Kent CT)!!       


State Troopers have created a

Gingerbread Manhunt Map.


Click HERE to download it & print it out your own,

or you can pick one up at any

participating Gingerbread Display

merchant in Kent Ct.


On the back of the map you will be able to:

• Vote for your Favorite Gingerbread Houses

• Find FREDDIE & his crew.


A Culinary Weekend in Kent CT.

(click here for more prize details)

You will be able to deposit your map/vote/entry

at any participating business that has a

Gingerbread House.




The 2019 Kent Gingerbread Festival is sponsored by

the Kent Chamber of Commerce, Bain Real Estate, Frank Food Co.,

High Watch Recovery Center and The Marvelwood School.


For more info, please contact