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                                       THE KENT CT. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and the

                                         3rd ANNUAL THE KENT GINGERBREAD FEST

                                   want you to..... MEET FREDDIE


                                                  The NAUGHTY GINGERBREAD MAN from Kent, CT.









parole for good behavior from Riker’s Island Correction

Facility in NY.  


He was arrested because he stole a very closely guarded

gingerbread dough recipe from a famous Chef. It was

wildly popular in Europe, and spicier than your average

gingerbread dough.  When he got out, he wanted to

relocate & start a new life. He heard about a quaint little

town called Kent Ct. that had an annual Gingerbread

Festival.  He decided this is the town for him, so he hitched

a ride up to Kent with his secret recipe tucked under his

arm.  When he got there, he found a sweet little bakery.

He slipped in unnoticed and added the secret spicy hot

ingredients to the gingerbread dough. When the baker

made the next batch of gingerbread boys and girls, FREDDIE

watched as he took the freshly baked spicy cookies out of the oven.  

The baker then started to decorate them so they all looked different.







THAT'S WHEN IT HAPPENED!!  FREDDIE took one look at the cute blond

spicy hot gingerbread girl on the right side of the cookie sheet and

fell in love.  He had been very lonely for a long time. He wore his heart

on his sleeve while looking for the perfect gingerbread girlfriend.

















When the baker turned his back FREDDIE leapt off the counter

and stole "GINGER" from the cookie sheet before the baker

could put her in the bakery window for sale.


The baker ran after him with a rolling pin. FREDDIE

managed to distract him by putting hot pepper into

the gingerbread dough before he ran away with

GINGER. As they escaped the baker heard him singing

         run, run, fast as you can. You can't catch me











                                                   The local realtors report FREDDIE is looking for a hideout in

                                                              one of the over 40 Gingerbread Houses in Kent's charming shops.













                  There is an All Points Bulletin and road blocks in the

                  Tri -State Area looking for FREDDIE as well as “WANTED”

                  posters in the Post Office and surrounding areas. 

                  If you see him DO NOT APPROACH!!

                  He is armed with Hot Pepper & will freak out at the sight

                  of a glass of milk.


        Put on your gumshoes & detective hats. Gather your friends

        & family & join in on the GINGERBREAD MANHUNT.   













                                                                                                           FREDDIE'S crew of 10 gingerbread Bad Boys heard 

                                                                                                           about the Gingerbread housing boom in Kent and

                                                                                                           have decided to join FREDDIE & GINGER. 















                                         Join in the fun to FIND FREDDIE!!   


     State Troopers will create a Gingerbread Manhunt Map. Click HERE

    to download it & print it out your own, or you can pick one up at any

    participating Gingerbread Display merchant in Kent Ct. (after Dec. 5)


                                On the back of the map you will be able to:
                                • Vote for your Favorite Gingerbread Houses
                                                • Find FREDDIE & his crew.
• Enter to win A Culinary Weekend in Kent

                (click image below for  more details)

                         You will be able to deposit your map/vote/entry

                                      at any participating business that has a

                                                      Gingerbread creation..


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